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Who Is Kelowna SEO Pro?

We are a local internet marketing company here in beautiful Kelowna BC and we have been ranking websites for over 20 years .

Since the late 1990’s Our company has been busy acquiring the knowledge it takes to rank sites high in the search engines such as Google.  This is not something people can learn in school, it takes years of first hand testing and experience to be able to achieve the coveted top spots in the searches and we are experts in the field.

We have just recently decided to offer our search engine optimization services to the general public.  Kelowna SEO Pro was launched as a test project in 2017 and the results and reviews from clients have been fantastic to say the least. We are now pushing ahead and offer full SEO packages that include guaranteed first page rankings, a wide range of web design and custom hosting solutions for those that will settle for nothing less than the best.

We are very successful at ranking any website, even in the very tough and fiercely competitive financial services sector all across Canada and the USA. There are very few of us that can compete online for top spots in these loan and debt categories so you know that you can trust Kelowna SEO Pro to place your local website high up in the searches and drive quality customers to your business website.

  • Kelowna SEO Pro will never disappoint anyone.
  • Put your business website high on page one.
  • Guaranteed Results or you don’t Pay
  • Full web design services
  • State of the art web hosting available

Please keep in mind that we are a Christian business that draws the line at keeping everything we do family friendly.  If your business is not rated PG, then Kelowna SEO Pro is not for you, sorry.

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