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My name is Peter Mraz, a local homeowner here in beautiful Kelowna BC and owner of Kelowna SEO Pro. SEO has been our full time business for many, many years and I have personally been using SEO to rank websites even before there was a Google on the web.

Since the late 1990’s I have been busy perfecting the art of SEO and getting sites to rank high in the search engines.  Search optimization is not something people can learn in school, it takes years of first hand testing and search engine marketing experience to be able to achieve the coveted top spots in the searches and I am an expert at this SEO craft.

Why Kelowna SEO Pro?

Up until just recently, I had never offered my search engine optimization services and knowledge to the general public.  This search engine marketing website was launched as a test project in 2017 and the search results and reviews from clients have been fantastic to say the least. We are now pushing ahead and offer full search engine optimized packages that include guaranteed first page search rankings, a wide range of web design and custom hosting solutions for those that will settle for nothing less than the best.

Trust KelownaSEO.Pro

I am very successful at search engine marketing, even in the very tough and fiercely competitive financial services sector all across Canada and the USA. There are very few of us that can compete online for top search engine spots in these loan and debt categories so you know that you can trust us to place your local website high up in the search engine results and drive quality customers to your business website.

  • KelownaSEO.Pro will never disappoint anyone.
  • Put your business website high on page one.
  • Guaranteed Search Results or you don’t Pay
  • Full web design services
  • State of the art web hosting available

Please keep in mind that I am a Christian business person that draws the line at keeping my business family friendly.  If your business is not rated PG, then our services are not for you, sorry.

Kelowna SEO Tips

search engine optimization tips

Sometimes search engine optimization is just a matter of ensuring your website is structured in a means that search engines understand. Our optimization service works with you to reach your goals and improve upon what it is that you’re already doing to market your business. Search engine optimization may take some time, particularly for long-term objectives.

Search engine optimization isn’t just about building search engine-friendly sites. At present, website optimization has turned into the most efficient means to draw in new local clients and to help retain your present customers.  Along with using a good web design service, every small local business needs to make certain that they use the best local SEO service to be sure their website can found by new as well as current clients.

SEO Billboards

Think of Google as a billboard that your new clients just happened to see the exact second they truly required your services. Effective local search engine optimization services are the absolute most cost-efficient, effective and necessary facet of advertising your small business today. Further, if you’re purchasing the assistance of a respectable local optimization expert, the ROI can become pretty significant.

Best Kelowna SEO

search engine optimization company

Is the local optimization business you are thinking about hiring ranked highly for SEO?  Do you see them ranked high up in the maps section of Google?  If not why are you thinking about hiring them?

Are they even listed on the first page of the local results? Worse still, is the local optimization service website totally blacklisted from the search engines?

Many people fall victim to so called local optimization services that can not even rank their own site. Be careful when clicking on links on Google.  Search engines have become increasingly greedy and are displaying more and more paid ads.  Many of these are closely disguised as regular listings.

Only deal with Local Optimization companies that can rank their own site, not the paid advertisers from India or who knows where.

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