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You landed on our site because you're looking for a Kelowna SEO Professional who delivers results. I won't waste your time with long sales copies while in the end selling you the same solutions which do not work. My services are :

Risk Free & Effective

It's simple, you don't want to risk your business and I fully understand that. There's no use of overseas resellers or any type of cheap SEO nonsense which can risk your site being penalized by search engines.

Top Quality

Only The Finest Kelowna Services are Offered Here. Search engines value quality over quantity and I deliver!

Kelowna SEO

Get Your Business Exposed

This is the digital age and every local business is fighting to get exposure on the internet. Hessitate no more in giving yours the exposure and traffic it deserves. Your competitors are probably thinking or doing the same now.

Cost Effective

My marketing solutions are cost effective. Get the best value for every dollar, not cheap, but the best ROI for your money!


With more than 18 years of marketing experience I know my results work. I know what to do and how to do it right. NEVER have I hired out my SEO services to the general public, until now. If you are serious, you better contact us before your competition does.

Why Choose Kelowna Seo Pro?

Reasons We Dominate & Destroy The Competition

One Click Rankings

Don't know which keywords to rank for? I can handle it. Know nothing about on-page SEO? We got you covered. We can handle everything from top to bottom for you. You only need to submit your website URL and watch the results.

Professional SEO Service

We have personally been ranking sites even before the days of Google. Never before have we offered our search engine optimization services and knowledge to the general public, untill now! We are always successful at ranking, even the tough competition financial services, across the USA and Canada. You trust us and we will not disappoint you.

Legitimate Methods

Only high quality seo methods and the utmost standards of service are provided here. You get what you pay for and we are here to provide our own quality ranking system which is risk free to your business.

Guaranteed Rankings

We are so confident about our proven and time trusted SEO methods that we will guarantee that the keywords for your site will start showing positive rankings. If not I will not charge you further until they improve.

Performance Based SEO Pricing

At, we do what the others cannot do and that is guarantee that you will never pay a penny until AFTER we show you proven results. While other so-called SEO companies hide behind their "no guarantees" and long term contracts, we believe so strongly in our ability to boost your rankings that you don't pay until after you see results!

Proper SEO is more like a marathon, and never a sprint. It can take from 3 to 12 months to see some serious results if your keywords are super competitive, no matter how much cash you have on hand to spend. Knowing that, do you really want to sign a contract and pay month after month to a so-called SEO service provider when you're not even sure they are capable of getting your desired results?

We can not show you here exactly what your cost will be. If your niche or keywords are super competitive, or less competitive than the average, then the prices would have to be adjusted but we always stand behind our you don't pay if we can't do what we say. Remember, you are hiring the best seo service to get you to the top fast.

How Performance Based SEO Works

  1. Fill out the form below so we can analyze your site.
  2. We go over all our data to see what it will take to rank you.
  3. We set up a call to discuss our findings and your best keywords and cost.
  4. We set up a One Month Free plan to get your site moving up in the rankings.
  5. You watch your site start to climb in the rankings and rake in the profits from the extra traffic.
  6. If EVER there is anything you do not like you can cancel our services at anytime, no contract ever, PERIOD!
  7. Don't see positive movement? Cancel within the first 30 days and you owe nothing, We Stand behind Our Work and Will PROVE IT!

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Our Client Testimonials

My website has been in good hands ever since i used these guys. Now every time I add a new page to my business site I'll definitely hook them up with Kelowna SEO Pro for the ranking part.

Rachel M.

Been doing business with them for close to two years now and I gotta say they are my 'go to' guys for SEO & any type of marketing for my websites.

Peter M.

Been ordering their services on a monthly basis for my site and I have to say that they do not disappoint me at all! They really do everything from top to bottom for you and i just sit back and see my rankings climb.Thanks guys.

Markus H

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